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“I wish I had bought this toolkit years ago as it would have saved me so much time deciding what I like best. It makes you streamline your absolute top favourite style. I looked at so many houses before I bought this one for instance, and I could have eliminated dozens in my search.”

Margaret, author of Glory Girl, influencer, blogger and instagrammer

“The Interior Design Toolkit enabled me to understand the importance of committing to a style. It has helped me make much clearer decisions with my interior and tackle a recent renovation much more successfully, with a seamless, calming result!”

Laura Young MBE, Founder of the Teapot Trust

“I love the Interior Design Toolkit. I found this a fun and really practical way to get my house feeling more organised and looking more beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before and quite simply I think the Interior Toolkit is a stroke of genius - thank you Alison and team for a wonderful creation and sharing your knowledge and expertise in this this way.”

Rebecca O’Connor, Founder of Beatitude Aromatherapy Oils

The Interior Design Toolkit is not only fun and something I would enjoy playing at dinner parties, it is also something that has helped my marriage. It made me realise how much I share my feelings about our home with my husband. We both like a tidy house and want this to be a priority. It has also given myself and Scott a strong vision about where we want to go and what our dream house will look for. My coach asked me to create a vision board and I kept playing the game back in my head in terms of the images I was drawn to.

Joanne Fraser, author and founder of MummyJojo

Fantastic kit that helped me focus on what style of interiors i like and gave me some great ideas and tips. A ‘must have’ if you have a house project on the horizon!

Suzie Gillespie owner of The Players Lounge, Edinburgh

Such a fabulous idea for those who are struggling to figure out their interior style or simply looking for some help/ also makes a wonderful gift 🎁... Once you’ve figured out your style it offers lots of tips on how to achieve the look along with recommended destinations for inspiration. Apparently I need to visit Martha’s Vineyard to create that authentic coastal vibe - sounds good to me! 👍💙😉 found it easy to use.

Laura Tulloch Creative Director of Skimming Stones Designs

Gave me a wonderful insight into my inner style!

Catriona Watt

I would highly recommend this product - the kit saves you money by focusing on a style you love and not getting distracted by all the trends. Once you know your style you can focus and only buy pieces that fit together perfectly. The photography is breathtaking and this is the perfect gift for so many occasions - not just birthdays and Christmas but for a wedding and a new home.

Fran Simon

I LOVE the interior design tool kit and had fun using it. I think it's such a great idea. It would be really helpful for spouses/partners to understand each others styles as well. And the photo cards are gorgeous.

Carrie Cotton Interiors