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“The Interior Design Toolkit enabled me to understand the importance of committing to a style. It has helped me make much clearer decisions with my interior and tackle a recent renovation much more successfully, with a seamless, calming result!”

Laura Young MBE, Founder of the Teapot Trust

“I love the Interior Design Toolkit. I found this a fun and really practical way to get my house feeling more organised and looking more beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before and quite simply I think the Interior Toolkit is a stroke of genius - thank you Alison and team for a wonderful creation and sharing your knowledge and expertise in this this way.”

Rebecca O’Connor, Founder of Beatitude Aromatherapy Oils

The Interior Design Toolkit is not only fun and something I would enjoy playing at dinner parties, it is also something that has helped my marriage. It made me realise how much I share my feelings about our home with my husband. We both like a tidy house and want this to be a priority. It has also given myself and Scott a strong vision about where we want to go and what our dream house will look for. My coach asked me to create a vision board and I kept playing the game back in my head in terms of the images I was drawn to.

Joanne Fraser, author and founder of MummyJojo