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Once you have discovered your style, you might find that you are industrial/contemporary follow the advice but don't feel restricted by it.

Try looking for metal flooring, but it need not be real metal, it could be a hard wearing lino in a metallic colour. 

Scaffolding planks are available from salvage yards, but if they are out of your DIY comfort zone, find a coffee table made out of a palette on Etsy. 

Anglepoise lamps come in all shapes and sizes and prices and exposed brick can be bought on convenient rolls!

True style is built up in layers: it is a cumulative effect of lots of personal decisions. 

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Do use the images that you were most drawn to on a mood board. Add wallpaper samples and fabric swatches, paint colours and images torn from magazines.

Order your cork board and pins on Amazon.

Once you have completed the Interior Design Toolkit and discovered what works for you, your interior will become ever more assured and cohesive as your knowledge of your personal look increases. You will grow in confidence and thanks to the useful starting point of your beautiful mood board your home will start to appear exactly as you wish. 

You will be able to make much more informed purchases. Knowing your style will enable you to make the right shopping decisions: expensive mistakes will be a thing of the past.