We are absolutely thrilled to be able to announce our very first ‘brand partnership’ with a fabulous home ware company, based up in Scotland called Scaramanga. Subscribers to the Interior Design Toolkit will be offered a very generous 20% discount, the code will be noted in the regular newsletters for the next few months.


The Story of the brand is that the young owner, Carl, went to India and came back with a leather satchel. So many of Carl’s friends admired Carl’s satchel that he realised there might be a business there, so he went back to India and bought some more satchels and sold them. He put this cycle on repeat and Scaramanga was born!


However, he did not just stick to satchels - and this is where we came in - he started importing furniture as well… Absolutely beautiful vintage furniture, often in quite extreme states of distress - peeling pink or blue paintwork anyone? Yes please! Especially if you have worked your way through the toolkit and discovered that you are at all ‘Ethnc’, ‘Boho’ or ‘Rock ‘N Roll’…

Blue distressed cabinet.jpg

Their stuff will make your life!


‘Oriental’ anyone? There are some absolutely beautiful Japanese accessories available this Spring.

Carl and his family

Carl and his family

Of course my husband has photographed Carl’s family home a few times by now and we have loved getting to know them and can’t get enough of their beautiful furniture…

vintage chest.jpg

Lastly I should maybe make a confession - my husband, Douglas, actually has a Scaramanga bag and never goes anywhere without it!

Doug and his satchel.JPG

Here he is on a rare day off in Dorset… I am not sure if this is a good advertisement or not, but we would like to put our money where our mouth is - we are delighted to offer subscribers to the Interior Design Toolkit a very generous 20% off ANY of their interior furniture products. The offer only applies to full priced items.

The code will be noted in the regular newsletters for the next few months.

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