A beautiful home

Every now and then you walk into someone’s home and the beauty of it just takes your breath away!

I remember as a young child me and my mum discussing this - we were visiting some posh friends and we felt as if we were being wafted into another world. On the way home my mum said - why is their house so much nicer than ours? ‘Fitted carpets’ I wisely replied - I must have been about 12! And yes, fitted carpets are great - unless you have a dog of course, or a cat, or a child… I am now a bit older than 12 and I create features for interiors magazines and have been for a long time, with my husband, the photographer Douglas Gibb and we are still having the same conversation - why are some homes so special?

The houses we photograph for magazines are hugely varied - the owners are not always ‘posh’ or ‘rich’ or anything in particular - they are not always even particularly creative - although of course they often are. However, the one thing they do have in common is that they have committed to a style - one of Douglas’s catch phrases is ‘Decide on a Style and Stick to it’ - he sort of growls this at me when I am admiring a gorgeous french antique bed that just would not look right in our coastal, scandi 1970s home…

It was this realisation that motivated us to create the toolkit - we want to help people realise this secret and help them discover their personal style, enabling them to focus their energies on their interior and push the envelope. I can hear some readers thinking - but what if you want to be eclectic?? Well, yes be eclectic, but be knowingly eclectic and commit to it!

In this blog I am going to explore all the different styles from the toolkit and look at some wonderful homes belonging to people who have this style thing really sorted!